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Delicious ~ Nutritious ~ Divine.

Delectable, wholesome and power-packed, nuts are among the best natural sources for nutrients. A divine gift from nature.

Divinutty understands the need to create a gorgeous gourmet-like experience out of nuts! We aim to preserve the natural goodness of these precious kernels by making them even more scrumptious and appealing, by roasting and flavouring them in healthy and natural ways. So most of our products are made with 100% natural ingredients, without any preservatives and roasted without any butter or oil.

With select international recipes and perfected oil-free roasting technology expect the most exquisite and delicate flavours and aromas. We customise these classic recipes to suit the Indian palate. At Divinutty, we constantly endeavour to develop new flavours and healthier recipes to delight our customers.

Our mission is simple, the best possible quality that perfectly captures the natural divinity of nuts

Divinutty Products Are Available At

Divinutty Products Available at